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NEW Ethnic Flute Album In The Works

Due to popular demand, Tara Rachelle is currently in the initial stages of creating a new recording of ethnic flute music.  It is to be focused around the Polynesian nose flute and Native American flutes.  


The aim of this project is to channel Spirit through the flutes to inspire in the listener a sense of peace, relaxation, calm, heart-centredness, and connection to nature and the Universe as is the tradition of these flutes.

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Tara was honoured to have been chosen as soloist to debut Jeff Tyzik’s solo flute piece Mallora on April 5th, 6th, and 7th 2018 in the Lighter Classics, Pops, and Saturday Afternoon for Kids series’ with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.  Tara would like to thank conductor Bob Bernhardt and the performers and staff of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for successful performances.  She looks forward to working together again in the near future.

Flute Hands On Research 2018 - Portugal

Tara Rachelle attended FLUTE HANDS ON RESEARCH 2018 held at the University of Aviero, Portugal in July 2018.  The aim of this convention is to bring artistic production and academic research closer together, creating opportunities to combine the artists’ and the researchers’ knowledge for the benefit of all.  The presentations, performances, workshops, and connections made with other flautists were a true inspiration to all!

MV Boudicca 

We are delighted to announce that Tara Rachelle will be making a special appearance on the MV Boudicca of Fred Olsen Cruise Line for the Christmas 2018 sailing departing from Mauritius and sailing through the Seychelles, Tanzania, the Comoros Islands, and Reunion Island.  As one of the most versatile flautists of her generation, her concerts will feature classical, Latin, jazz, pop, and folk music along with a selection of ethnic flutes from around the world.  Additionally, Tara will present a lecture/demonstration on ethnic and orchestral flutes.

A New Flute!

Tara Rachelle met with Emanuel of Emanuel Flutes in his workshop near Boston, MA in July 2018 to learn about how he creates his flutes and to collect her new handmade flute! Tara’s new Emanuel flute is solid silver throughout and features a 14k rose gold riser in the head joint.  The beauty of sound of this instrument is incredible.  Emanuel is a true artisan and master of his craft.  Thank you Emanuel!


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